Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Janus of Terror

Terrorism is a two part reaction. It is a violent, foaming,
exothermic epoxy. The resin is the violence of individuals with a political agenda. The activator is a news media or medium, willing to provide the resin with the coverage it needs to swell swiftly with its terror and solidify its message.

The main stream media transforms the thugs into global terrorists; A demon all too gleeful in its coverage of the bloody carnage. The media is not there to report the facts. They are there to sensationalize the drama for profit and ratings. They are there to nurture the hysteria with a gaudy parade of pundits, profits, propaganda and political correctness.

They flood the senses with a concinnity of cowardice, obtuse verbal attack on civilization and a blanket apology to the barbarians. Statements of
condemnation must be forced from their lips, spit with the deliberate
hollow ring of insincerity. Their gritted teeth always chase the condemnation with the ubiquitous apology or the self deprecating qualifier.

No war on terror can ever succeed without holding the politically
correct media
, such as the BBC, with its despicable guidlines, to account. From the Telegraph:

The BBC's guidelines state that its credibility is undermined by the "careless use of words which carry emotional or value judgments".

These are the words of a suicide statement, not worth picking through.

Now the Brits stand shocked at their domesticly brewed terrorists. Youngsters suckled on a lifelong diet of self flaggelating diversity garbage. Youngsters told that their nation is poison, and their fifteen minutes of global fame awaits, followed by an orgy in the afterlife. Youngsters who have had the steel links of self sufficiency, self determination, pride and merit eroded from their social anchor, with the corrosives of failed social experiments and multicultural environs.

The social engineers have smashed the marble pillar of national pride to rubble and sand. The rubble and sand has been sifted into different piles labeled with their respective little cultural flags. The marble pillar is gone. No longer able to support the nation. I fear the United States of America is heading down the same ugly path.

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