Thursday, July 28, 2005

Please Helen Don't

... let us stop you from ending it all if Dick Cheney is elected president, as is reported on Drudge. To be honest I didn't realize she was still alive. I thought the Washington Press corps did a wonderful taxidermy job on her, so they could preserve her seat.

Helen was is the first of the liberal press squad to completely insult and defame the office of the Presidency. What a great legacy she will leave when she pulls that trigger. I'm sure Dr. Phat Tony, Wyatt or CUG would provide a little physician assisted suicide by instructing her on how to disable the safety. After Terry Shiavo, we can all agree that putting Helen out of our misery would be the best thing for society.

We will miss you Helen. Don't let the pearly gates hit you in that dusty spacebag a$$, when they drop you down the elevator shaft to hell.


a4g said...

Helen put the Washington Press Corpse in the Washington Press Corps.

Insolublog said...


fmragtops said...

I know we're all in favor of putting Helen out of our misery, but, did you really have to post the picture though? *hack* *gag*

Dr. Phat Tony said...

She is one Hot Democrat Babe!